"Moorestown- Out In The Country: The 1940s & 1950s Airport Road Area"

It is a short historical book about the "1940s and 1950s east Moorestown farms area." The project was coordinated by me with oral histories from past and present residents, primarily being farmers, and me researching old newspapers on microfilm.

My Mother, as well as several of my Aunts and Uncles were involved in the area as well, living either with my Grandparents, or nearby as farmers or tenant farmers.

The Moorestown Airport was on what is now Westfield Road. Today several high end housing developments, Open Space, and a school are additions to the changing scenery. To some this book will bring back memories, and to future generations of suburbanites it is at least history.

Back To The Country, A Sequel to "Moorestown- Out In The Country: The 1940s & 1950s Airport Road Area"

This is not a stand alone work but a sequel, as I didn't want to keep changing the first booklet. It contains some oral histories and informations obtained since the first work, and some that wasn't included, which I thought perhaps should have been. There is also some historical reflections of mine.

Some of the items covered in the booklets are the Moorestown Airport, the old stone building on Westfield Road, the Flying Feather Farm, RCA, the Golf Ball, etc....

            2005 Version of
"Moorestown- Out In The Country"
            2010 Version of
"Moorestown- Out In The Country"
        2010 Sequel
"Back To The Country"

The booklets can be read at the Moorestown Library "Historical Collection" room.
Indexed as N.J. 974.9 Wea        Catalog Search, Author- Weaver, Dennis

They can also be read at the Moorestown Historical Society, located on High Street, Moorestown.

And at the Burlington County Library in Westampton in their "New Jersey Room."

I won two "Honorable Mentions" at the
"2009 Historical Preservation Awards" presented by the Burlington County Freeholders!

One for the booklet, "Moorestown- Out In The Country, The 1940s & 1950s Airport Road Area."

The other "Honorable Mention" was for a DVD movie slide show created by me for an important Maple Shade Historical meeting celebrating the "200th Anniversary of a 21st Birthday." It tells the history of the "Collins Lane house," the informal name due to it being a tenant farmer house for John S. Collins, developer of Miami Beach Florida, and his son Lester, for apple orchards.Further back though it was owned and rented out by Samuel Burrough of Evesham (even after he died by an Executor of his will) with a portion of the rents of this and another plantation to go to "the building of a meeting house for the Friends at or near Cropwell School." (2009) This was until August 1808 when Samuel Burrough Jr. turned 21 years old and got all the plantations.

-Dennis Weaver

Get the popcorn out!

I put the "History of the Collins Lane House" DVD movie up on Youtube in 5 parts.This movie is on occasion available in a higher quality DVD format from the Maple Shade Historical Society at a reasonable cost!

You will need a high speed connection to view the movie. If you don't have one visit a library.

densdoor YouTube movies

Don't let the one line film voice over captions fool you. We had to keep the meeting short to some extent. I researched several wills etc, going to Woodbury (Gloucester County from which Camden was taken out of) to the Gloucester County Surrogate's Office, Burlington County Clerk's Office, Camden County Historical Society, and even the State Archives in Trenton for the research of the Collins Lane house.