The Maple Shade Area In Some Early Maps

Detail from- A Map of Camden County, 1846, by John Clement Jr.

Detail from- Map of the Circuit of 10 Miles Around Philadelphia, 1847,
Surveyed by J.C. Sidney, Robert P. Smith Publisher

Detail from- Map of Burlington County, 1849,
Surveys by J.W. Otley and R. Whiteford, Published by Smith & Wistar

Detail from- Map of the Vicinity of Philadelphia from actual surveys, 1853,
R.P. Smith publisher

Detail from- Map Of The Vicinity Of Philadelphia, 1860,
From actual Surveys by D.J. Lake And S.N. Beers.

Detail from- Part of Cinnaminson & Chester,
Atlas Of Philadelphia and the Environs, 1877,
G.M. Hopkins

Other maps would be the 1858 Parry and Sykes Map of Burlington County (Burlington County Library I believe), the 1876 J.D. Scott Illustrated Atlas of Burlington County, G.M. Hopkins 1907 Camden and the Environs Atlas- page Maple Shade, Sanborn Insurance maps for 1923, 1929, and 1944, Subdivision Plan maps at the Burlington County Clerk's Office.

Old Maps to Download-

1847 map segment at den's OneDrive cloud.
I took this map which you only get a small scroll view at-
1847 map with Maple Shade area
And I zoomed in and snippet screen captured segments and then pasted them together in Microsoft Paint. It has the "Maple Shade" area.

1849 Smith and Wistar map of Burlington County at Library of Congress

1859 Map of Burlington County at Library of Congress
Shows the brickyard in "Maple Shade" in 1859. You can compare the BY with a nearby brickyard which was at the mini pond at Strawbridge Lake in Moorestown.

1860 Lake and Beers Vicinity of Philadelphia map with date changed to 1869
The date has been altered yet the map is not updated. For instance there is no Camden and Burlington Railroad tracks and that was put in in 1867. This opens up full blast high resolution so even with a very high connection speed the image will take time to load. If you want to see a copy of this map in person (dated 1860) the Burlington County Library has/ had one hanging up.

1860 Lake and Beers map of Philadelphia and Trenton vicinity
Yet another incarnation of Lake and Beer's 1860 map which includes Chester Twp.

1877 GM Hopkins Atlas map of Part of Cinnaminson and Chester Twp
At Villanova University to view/ download

Road to Taylor's Fish House (now New Albany Road)-

The "Road to Taylor's Fish House" caught my eye on the above 1847 map. That road is obviously New Albany Road which led to the hamlet of New Albany. The Burlington Road is now Rt. 130 where New Albany was. I know there is a Taylor's Lane that goes out to Rt. 130 on the other side of the highway from New Albany Road.

I checked on my J.D. Scotts 1876 Illustrated Atlas of Burlington County for a Taylor's Fish House at New Albany. (I bought it from the Pemberton Historic Trust years ago.) On the Cinnaminson map I didn't see it. There is old houses left along Rt. 130 and one just may be that fish house.

New Albany was in 1876 what I would call a village! It had a Town Hall, a post office, a public school, a store, and a ME church with a cemetery. Anyhow along that Burlington Road was Westfield, New Albany, Fairview, and Bridgeboro, and Bridgeboro had a post office as well.

Going further on a road (now Taylor's Lane) towards the Delaware River to what is beween Riverton and Riverside at the railroad tracks is Taylor's Lane Station. Going onward past that, several Taylor families lived along the Delaware River which might be where Taylor's Fish House was. ???

Guess I got distracted on that one! Ha ha!

Here is a map that you can't download-
1853 map with Maple Shade area
Iam thinking because in one place on there I found a "Fish House" near the water's edge and because near the river is the residence of a Taylor that it was near the Delaware River. (on Taylor's Lane) I was thinking a fish house was like a restauarant that served seafood. (I have a 20th century mind) My next thought was that it might have been a market place to buy freshly caught fish. Well that is probably wrong although maybe you could. This is what I came up with-

Fish Houses-

In obituaries in the NJ Mirror searching under "Fish House" a few people died by train accidents near fish houses. I then combined "railroad" into a Google book search and came up with this definition-

Along the banks of creeks or rivers, fish houses were built where the railroad tracks also ran. The railroad allowed fish to be shipped to nearby cities or towns.

A merchant would own the fish house. (his business)

Maple Shade 1923 Sanborn Insurance Co. Maps-

MS 1923 Sanborn maps

Detail from 1923 Sanborn map sheet 2
The Barlow Building is under construction at the time.

From the Camden Post Telegram newspaper, May 3, 1923-
Work has begun on an addition to the office of the Barlow & Co., Inc., local real estate developers. The addition will be two stories, 100 X 80. The lower part will be utilized in additional office room while the second floor will be fitted as a modern hall.

Note- The Arcadia Book was printed with the wrong caption.