Maple Shade Poem
by Dennis Lee Weaver

Quakers made a road to Salem fit for a King,
but soon going there didn't mean a thing.
Penn took part of his woods and built a city over there,
now the farmers need a road to market and a ferry across the Delaware.

They built a road for the farmers to the Camden ferry!
We can make it to Market and back by the end of the day.
Years and years of horses and wagons loaded down for the big city!
Then they put a train in and the people came the other way...

Plenty of farming to do in New Jersey for all who want to.
Work your own farm, or a tenant farm they'll rent you.
Yes you're tired of city factory work, goodness knows.
Hey you farmers- Camden is starting to smell like tomatoes!

Houses springing up along the railroad,
and even factories, and trolley tracks down Main.
Soon the real estate business people saw a plan.
So they started into buying farms and changed us to Suburban!

What's that horseless carriage... I don't believe my eyes,
just turn the crank and it starts up and rides.
Only the rich can a Ford things that fine.
Now we all can cause they're maken em on a "sembly line."

Now we've bridges going in.
One acre farms didn't last- people moving here so fast.
This village started around a train station.
Was it the Barlows or Cutlers or the Frechs from which it's made?
A big part was the Progress of why today we are Maple Shade.