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pertaining to Maple Shade, NJ

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When do you think most of the Barlow bungalows were built? Before Moorestown separated in 1922? Around the time of the Ben. Franklin Bridge opening in 1926? I would say Barlow Company incorporated in 1921 and in 1922 was when most of the building plans were. So that was the beginning of the boom- 1922. For an accurate yearly number of homes built one would check the Tax Rateable records at the County Tax Office and go by Streets. (Houses didn't have numbers in earlier years.)

From the New Jersey Mirror newspaper, March 29, 1922-

A referendum election which has been called for April 25, at which time the voters of Moorestown, Lenola and Stanwick will decide whether they will secede from old Chester township and form "Moorestown township." If the voters decide in favor of secession, Maple Shade will be the only town left in Chester township. The legislature passed a law giving Moorestown, Lenola and Stanwick the right to call a referendum to decide on forming a new township.

The action of the legislature was greatly opposed by residents of Maple Shade, but they have not requested the right to participate in the impending election, because it appears that voters are somewhat divided on the proposed change. Thomas J.S. Barlow, one of the founders of Maple Shade, says that the town might have a hard struggle at first but must face the inevitable. The town is developing at a rapid pace. an evidence of which is the fact that more than 100 new houses will be erected in the town this year. Many persons feel certain that the town will become self-supporting quite rapidly.

From the Camden Post Telegram, Friday December 1, 1922-

Oscar Anderson, local contractor for Barlow and Company, Inc., has completed the erection of 74 houses here and has the contracts for 100 additional ones to be built in the spring.

Contract Ads from American Contractor Magazine #40 (1919)-

"Steinhauer School" built in 1920

These are from the N.J. Mirror Newspaper-

June 25, 1919- At a meeting of the Chester Board of Education held last week an appropiation of $86,500 was made for a new school house in Maple Shade.

December 17, 1919- Headway is being made so rapidly on the building of the new $100,000 eleven room grade public school at Maple Shade, that the Chester Township Board of Education declares it will be completed, furnished and ready for occupancy at the opening of the next school semester in 1920.

Contract Ads from American Contractor Magazine #41 (1920)-

Contract Ads from American Contractor Magazine #42 (1921)-

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Contract Ads from American Contractor Magazine #43 (1922)-

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I would say most of these were never built.

Maple Shade Betterment League Community House