In 1917 Moorestown Tried and in 1922 Succeeded in
Cutting Maple Shade off from Itself Basically (Separating from Chester Twp.)

1917 Progress Clips
Pre 1917 Election for New Twp.
of "East Chester"

For those who casually noticed, the Maple Shade Progress started in the eve of an election in 1916 with Theodore Sauselein running who would surely represent Maple Shade's interests in the Chester Township Town Council (All of Chester Twp. as its was all one town with no legal Moorestown or Maple Shade.) How did Moorestown view all this?

When Moorestown, and Lenola who went with them, tried to separate from Chester Twp. as "East Chester," the Progress told voters to "Vote No" or have higher taxes!

The official stand of the people of Maple Shade was to oppose Moorestown's separation. At the right you can see the later resign as they finally "Just let them do it."

Philadelphia Public Ledger Clip
Pre 1922 Moorestown only Election
Moorestown Township out of Chester Twp.

April 1922 Philadelphia Public Ledger pages have a few separation articles and a few Barlow Bungalow ads

1922 Philadelphia Public Ledger Barlow "One Acre Farm" ads

A 1921 Public Ledger clip calling Maple Shade and Lenola bungalows "Cheese Boxes."

Philadelphia Public Ledger Clip
Post 1922 Moorestown Election
Moorestown Township Formed
out of part of Chester Twp.