The Maple Shade Area In Some Early Maps

Detail from- A Map of Camden County, 1846, by John Clement Jr.

Detail from- Map of the Circuit of 10 Miles Around Philadelphia, 1847,
Surveyed by J.C. Sidney, Robert P. Smith Publisher

Detail from- Map of Burlington County, 1849,
Surveys by J.W. Otley and R. Whiteford, Published by Smith & Wistar

Detail from- Map of the Vicinity of Philadelphia from actual surveys, 1853,
R.P. Smith publisher

Detail from- Map Of The Vicinity Of Philadelphia, 1860,
From actual Surveys by D.J. Lake And S.N. Beers.

Detail from- Part of Cinnaminson & Chester,
Atlas Of Philadelphia and the Environs, 1877,
G.M. Hopkins

Other maps would be the 1858 Parry and Sykes Map of Burlington County (Burlington County Library I believe), the 1876 J.D. Scott Illustrated Atlas of Burlington County, G.M. Hopkins 1907 Camden and the Environs Atlas- page Maple Shade, Sanborn Insurance maps for 1923, 1929, and 1944, Subdivision Plan maps at the Burlington County Clerk's Office.