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West Jersey History Project
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Talk and early actions of Public State Aid payed roads. (The Moorestown and Camden Turnpike was purchased by the County in 1907 due to Trolleys.)
Travels and Events of
Nathan Perkins Book

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Old NJ Maps- Rutgers
Villanova Library 1877 Atlas
1847 map with Maple Shade area
1853 map with Maple Shade area
1877 map with Maple Shade area (But can get whole map image from Villanova College site)
Some Sanborn Insurance maps in color. Has Maple Shade 1923

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Moorestown- Out In The Country
Back To The Country
200th Anniversary of a 21st Birthday

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Moorestown Our Neighbor
Rogers/Collins Dev. Moorestown
More For Phil (Moorestown Tidbits)
Moorestown Separates in 1922
Moorestown Pre Separation Elections
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Horace Roberts in Google Books
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Horace Roberts excerpt Apples
Horace Roberts excerpt 1907
Horace Roberts excerpt 1908
Horace Roberts excerpt 1910
Horace Roberts excerpt 1915
Horace Roberts excerpt 1918
If you wish to save a above Horace Roberts talk in PDF format, here they are-
Horace Roberts PDF files
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Nathan Perkins Vs. Turnpike Co.


I hope you enjoy learning some of Maple Shade's history.

Maple Shade Historical Society November Open House-

This Saturday November 24 at the Chesterford School house (one room school built in 1811) on West Main Street, across the street from Steinhauer Lake and the Custard Stand. 10 AM to 2 PM. Stop on by and see the school. Also for sale are "Progress of Maple Shade" books if you are interested.

Real Good Historical Books on PDF-

Historical Books in PDF format

This is like the best of the best. Download the whole folder! (Go up a directory to Public, then click on the folder and choose to download it.)

The one called MatlackFamily has writings from Chalkley Matlack and also covers some of the Roberts family and Stiles families, etc...


William Matlack and Cinnaminson-

William Matlack and Cinnaminson

In 1880, William Matlack was the "star of the story." And if you think about it 1677- 1982 was the end probably of his 4 years of indentured service so he was then getting his land. John Roberts on the other hand was living on his land in what is now Willingboro and moved with William Matlack and Timothy Hancock. Timothy Hancock is sort of the "Star" as on his land the Society of Friends nearby met for meeting before the Kings Highway started being built and the one in Moorestown replaced it in 1700.

The Roberts Monument was erected later (1890s) and in recent times some made "John Roberts" into the "Star" or first pioneer or whatever which isn't correct. That monument was never meant to say that. It was to commemorate him.

The Roberts house, at the highest point on South Pine Ave., went through a daughter who married a Lippincott. One son, Thomas, became a brickmaker. A daughter married Joseph Walton a furniture maker. Another son was plowing the field on the land then undivided and found the cave dug out of John and Sarah Roberts.

Later on when he was old he said they should mark the spot, which they didn't exactly as the land was now all subdivided and not owned by their family anymore. Plus along the Turnpike was more suitable so they bought an 1/8 acre lot across from the old John Moffett & Son brickyard house and dedicated the monument on a damp rainy day, the anniversary of the surveys for John Roberts, William Matlack, and Timothy Hancock. Thomas Hooton's survey was the next day. I wonder if he was in the boat as well.

You see Maple Shade was settled early due to the creeks were the "roads" then. When we let the Jeremiah Matlack house, etc... be razed we took a historical landmark from a wider area then we think.


Note- There is a deed dated in 1684 for William Matlack getting his 100 acres of land. I do not think that the NJ State Archives has the deed for John Roberts. The 1682 mentions are not deeds but surveys. I personally, and I am not the only one, do not think anyone lived permanently in the area until 1684 after they met with the Indians.

From a January 25, 1963 Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper

Maple Shade newspaper clip scans-

I joined one week free trial and over about 30 plus hours got these images.

If you have a fast internet connection download the "NewspaperClips" folder. Save the whole thing if you want a "Maple Shade historical library of readings!"

Or open the "NewspaperClips" folder and read ones . Scroll down slowly cause OneDrive loads image thumbnails. (250 MBs!)
Read the ReadMe file in the folder.
den's OneDrive file sharing cloud
You will learn a great scope of knowledge concerning Maple Shade!
Sept 12, 2018

I hate to do this to people but I uploaded more items to the folder. You can go there and under "View" choose "by Modified" and every thing down to original date is new. Or just redownload the whole folder.
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Sept 14, 2018

Ad from an April 1912 Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper

Thomas J.S. Barlow, the president of the Maple Heights Land Company, formed Barlow and Company in 1912. Soon after, Camden attorney John F. Harned bought the Levi Lippincott farm then owned by Henry T. and Emma E. Bleam. It became the Plan for "The Orchards" containing One Acre Farm lots for Barlow and Company. Old timers today remember pear trees at the right side of South Lippincott Ave. near Main Street. They might have been part of the original 3,000 fruit trees.

More great clips-

Boy in contest near Lester Collins' orchard on Forklanding Rd. (1930)

Here is a link to my picture of what was prob. the tree (they cut it down)- Old Oak Tree

1925 Trolley Wreck- It smashed into the Sealect Seafood- Alden Cafe (before the fire and rebuild) building.
Here is a link to the full article- 1925 Trolley Wreck at den's OneDrive NewspaperClips folder Also have a picture.png and a PDF version in the folder as well.

Maple Shade's first Police station

Updated Pages-

I updated the Beech Street informations on the page- (10-5-2018)
Rogers/Collins Dev. Moorestown

I added some things-
Lenola (added more Sept 12, 2018)

I added more photos- (9-10-2018)
Maple Shade Gambling Casino

I added the 1912 ad of the Maple Heights Land Company
See the image below also containing an Edward Cutler Real Estate ad.
I am not adding anymore images to this page as there are too many new finds!
Barlow & Co. Advertisements

From the Philadelphia Inquirer March 24, 1912, page 42

Paul Altobelli's Maple Shade Postcards

Paul is a family friend. Here is the link-
Maple Shade on Flicker

Old Outhouse Hole Bottles-

From the Maple Shade Progress July 5, 1973.
Only lists 24 although says 25

From the Maple Shade Progress March 1, 1973

From the Maple Shade Progress December 27, 1973
Nice Tribute, but William F. Brown founded the Progress in 1916.

From Lumber Trade Magazine 74 (Google Books snippet view only)
Barlow & Company ordered their lumber for their bungalows through John S. Collins and Son Lumber co. which had several locations. Their main yard was in Moorestown but they had one in Maple Shade as well.

John S. Collins & Son Lumber Co. on N. Forklanding Rd., Maple Shade in 1959
Photo by John P. Stroup

Old and new street signs shown side by side

1859 Map shows Maple Shade's first brickyard

1859 Map at Library of Congress

You can download this 1859 Map of Burlington County in high formats like TIFF, large jpg. Maple Shade had a brickyard in 1859. The symbol is hard to understand but easy when you compare it to the brickyard that was at the "Mini Pond" as we used to call it as kids - the little park with children's swings near Strawbridge Lake in Moorestown.

Good "book" online to save and search through-

PDF book Burlington NJ Post Towns by Jack Edge

Do yourself a favor and click FILE, SAVE PAGE AS at your left top corner of your web browser thereby saving the PDF file which will take a minute or two to load as it is 14 MB!

When it is a saved PDF the magnifying glass or SEARCH will let you find instances of things say for example "Maple Shade" quickly.

Great read as it tells of the times back when post offices started there was not even a concept of a telephone. This is how important they were! Also it says Stiles Corner (or Corners) for Maple Shade's earlier name. No history of Maple Shade should be without that mention.

Buying "Progress of Maple Shade" Books-

If you live in Maple Shade and did not get out to the sale and want to buy it direct-
Email me with your phone number or call me and we'll make an arrangement for you to get a copy. The Maple Shade Historical Society makes more money off of direct sales.

Ths Historical Society is planning a sale in the beginning of December 2018 selling them at a discount price of 15 dollars.

-Dennis (member of Maple Shade Historical Society)

Or buy off
Progress book at

There are different starting dates to Barlow & Co. but I would think that 1912 was it. The first office was on the corner of Holly Ave. and Main St. near their house. (I thought it was at their house until I read a Arthur Cutler paper saying it was a small office built on the corner.)

The Cutler agency took over the Shuster tract and Maple Shade Land & Improvement, as well as the George Martin tracts of One Acre Farms. One Acre Farm sales were a common thing of the time. They really catered to the "regular guy out there" and not to wealthy people. This was also a time period of Temple Baptist Church Pastor Russell Conwell (My Grandpop's pastor!) who spoke a "prosperty Christianity" with a book and sermon entitled "Acres of Diamonds."

919 East Main St., Maple Shade

John Muffet & Son Brick and Tileyard house
Originally a double house, built about 1863. Read the Brickyards page for more info.
This house is highly historical and should be preserved and revered in that manner!

21 Bars? (Well liquor licenses)

There was always that elusive number 21. You would see a few Maple Shade Progress headlines saying 21 licenses this year, and when you read down the list there was always only 20. Well here is a real candidate for number 21 (never opened) Again one would have to double check this out-

Burlington County Twps. Population for 1950, 1940, and 1930

Compare Maple Shade esp. to 1930 and see how early we turned mostly suburban! Be sure to think of the land area sizes of each of the Twps. as well!


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